Program of Study

Theater courses are open to all undergraduates interested in exploring the art of theater, but the program also offers the kinds of courses, resources and opportunities that will allow a dedicated student, upon graduation, to work in the theater or pursue advanced training in the most competitive graduate conservatories.

Introductory courses in the program, whether at the 200 or 300 level, usually have no prerequisites and fulfill the distribution requirement in Literature and the Arts (LA). Other 300- or 400-level courses may require applications and/or interviews. 200-level courses have Pass/D/Fail option; selected 300- and 400-level courses are Pass/D/Fail only; all other courses in the program are letter graded.

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Committed students of theater may pursue a Certificate of Proficiency in theater.

Students looking for an opportunity to incorporate their theatrical studies into their concentrations may consider the Theater and Performance Studies track in the Department of English or Area D in the Department of Comparative Literature, but certificate students usually come from the full range of concentrations the University has to offer.

Requirements for the Certificate in Theater:

(1) Coursework:

  • A total of five courses in the Program in Theater. At least three must be studio courses chosen from offerings in acting, directing, playwriting, design, and dramaturgy. As acting is foundational to understanding the making of theater, it is assumed that one of these three will be an acting course.
  • At least one course in dramatic literature, performance history, performance studies, or criticism. Up to two courses in this area may be used toward the five-course requirement.

(2) Senior Independent Work:

This work might take the form of a studio project, such as the direction of a major production, the performance of a major role, the writing of a play, or the design or dramaturgy of a production, under the supervision of our faculty and professional staff either in our senior thesis season, independently, or in conjunction with another campus producing organization.

Students may elect to do an independent musical theater or performance studies project approved by and under the supervision of Program in Theater faculty.

If the student’s department permits, he or she might choose to complete one part of the departmental independent work (senior thesis) on a topic approved by the Program in Theater faculty dealing with some facet of theater in relation to that department’s subject matter. This independent work could take the form of a textual, cultural, or theoretical study; or it may be a combination of research and practical work supervised by the program faculty and the student’s department.

(3) A certain number of hours of technical work on theater productions staged by the program.

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Students who fulfill the requirements of the program receive a certificate of proficiency in theater upon graduation. Submit an application online »

If you have already submitted an application, you may edit/update the form to track your progress toward the Certificate in Theater here »