Visual Arts

“The best way to be surprised by the best artists is to have a completely open door.”

— Joe Scanlan

The Program in Visual Arts introduces students to the studio arts in the context of a liberal arts education. Offering courses in painting, drawing, photography, film and video, sculpture, installation and ceramics, the program provides students enrolled in its courses and those pursuing certificates in Visual Arts with access to darkrooms; a sculpture shop; a printmaking shop for lithography, etching and silk screening; computer labs for video editing, digital photography and graphics; as well as painting and drawing studios. The facility at 185 Nassau Street also houses the James M. Stewart ’32 Theater for 35mm and 16mm film projections. Screenings, at least three nights per week, are open to all students.

In addition to studio courses, the Program in Visual Arts offers a seminar in contemporary art practice and courses in film history and theory. Students who are interested in concentrating in Visual Arts can earn their bachelors in Art and Archaeology Program 2 with a focus on studio courses, or work toward a Visual Arts Certificate or the Film Track Certificate (which includes both production and theory). All students concentrating in Visual Arts are allocated individual studio spaces. Throughout the year student work is exhibited in the Lucas Gallery and in the James M. Stewart ’32 Theater, as well in other traditional and nontraditional venues on campus.

Every year a practicing art critic arranges visits to artists’ studios and galleries in New York as part of the contemporary art seminar. Major artists, including Chuck Close, Sally Mann, Marilyn Minter, Abelardo Morell, Elizabeth Murray, Yvonne Rainer, Robert Ryman, Martin Scorsese, Richard Serra, Kiki Smith, Frank Stella ’58 and Nari Ward have lectured at the University and have given critiques to Visual Arts Program students in their campus studios.

Upcoming Visual Arts Events

Student Work

Highlights from Spring 2014 senior thesis exhibitions

Abandoned Art Clause

Each student is responsible for collecting any and all works of art that he/she may submit in connection with a given course/studio within 14 days after the conclusion of the term, unless he/she makes special arrangements with the program. The program may use or dispose of any uncollected works as it deems appropriate.


For more information about the Program in Visual Arts, please contact Kristy Seymour, Program Assistant, at 609-258-2788 or, or consult a directory of program staff.