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The Committee for Film Studies, under the general direction of the Council of the Humanities, encourages the interdisciplinary study of film and video. The committee coordinates courses in the programs and departments that use film or video extensively; it also coordinates, so far as is appropriate, the acquisition of videotapes and films; and it organizes the visits of filmmakers and film scholars. Interested students are invited to consult members of the committee, who will provide additional information about film and video studies within the University.

Nearly every night at least one film of artistic and historical significance is screened at Princeton, open to all students for free, within the courses under the aegis of the Film Studies Committee.

The faculty includes internationally recognized authorities on Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish and American cinema and on film theory. We anticipate experts in other aspects of film scholarship will soon join us. The areas of cinema and religion and avant-garde filmmaking and film history are currently represented in depth. A unique arrangement with the Anthology Film Archives in New York admits all Princeton students to screenings for free and provides archival research facilities and internship options.

Students pursuing a certificate in Visual Arts may focus their studies on the production of film and video as well as on film history.

Film Courses - Fall 2014

Students interested in film studies and filmmaking are encouraged to explore the wide range of film-related course offerings in a number of University departments. Following is a selection of upcoming film-related courses — courses on film history can be found in the Registrar’s course catalog.

Student / Alumni Films

Film & Video Track Certificate Requirements