This course will focus on the development of a commercial game about climate change, giving students the opportunity to contribute to a piece with broad social impact. Award-winning new media artist and game designer Matt Parker, along with a climate change expert, will lead students in strategizing new directions this work could take, and producing early-stage game materials. Students will play modern games with a focus on social consciousness (Papers Please, Cart Life, Gone Home, Dys4ia, Firewatch, and the games of Molleindustria, to name a few) and analyze these games’ focus on narrative and mechanics. Application required — apply below.



  • The 9-digit # on the front of your Princeton ID card
  • This course will focus on the development of a commercial game about climate change. While no prior experience designing or developing games is required, students should be prepared to show independent initiative to learn structure, theory, and necessary skills for creating games. A passion for games and a strong concern about climate change is also a plus. The goal for this course will to produce concept art, a framework for the game, and a playable prototype.

    We are looking for students interested in:

    • Visual Arts/Design with an emphasis on storyboards, concept art, animation, 3D Modelling and Rigging, and Illustration

    • Programming with an emphasis graphics, shaders, and game engines

    • Game Design/Interactive Art

    • Musicians/Sound Designers

    • Creative Writing/Interactive Narrative

    • Climate Science

    • UI/UX Design especially with a focus on onboarding

    • PR/Marketing

  • APPLICATIONS due Friday, Dec 8. For additional questions, please contact Matt Parker at There are no auditions or interviews for this course.
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Wednesdays, 1:30 - 4:20 pm


Matt Parker

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