Visual Arts Events

Fri Dec 9, 2016 · 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Jürg Lehni

Room 303 at 185 Nassau Street · Presented by: Program in Visual Arts

Swiss artist, designer, and programmer Jürg Lehni will present his work making the drawing machines such as Hektor, Rita, and Viktor and share some of his software projects including Flood Fill, Apple Talk, and Scriptographer.

Robertson Hall, Bowl 2 · Presented by: Department of Philosophy

In what is half philosophy paper/half artist talk, Sigman gives a first person account of live, body-based performance, and talks about why it matters—why we might find it important and valuable in a time and culture where its economy and labor don’t seem to justify it. Along the way, she suggests a crucial difference between live and virtual

Labyrinth Books · Presented by: Labyrinth Books

Celebrating the first full biography of George Herriman, creator of "Krazy Kat," (considered by many to be the greatest comic strip in history) with a conversation between biographer Michael Tisserand and Patrick McDonnell, creator of the beloved strip "Mutts"