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Hi y'all! My name is Alex and I am a rising senior in the Sociology department pursuing certificates in African American Studies and Theater. I was born in Seattle, Washington but I was raised in Alexandria, Virginia. But now I live outside of Philadelphia! Besides being an LCA Arts Mentor, I am also the Vice President of the Princeton Triangle Club and I have done a number of shows with the Princeton University Players! Theater was one of those things that I knew I wanted to do when I got to Princeton and it is something that has brought me so much joy and love throughout the past three years. So I do a lot of theater. When I am not in a rehearsal room, I work at TigerCall and at Dillon Gym. Academically, my independent work looks at African Americans in theater and their current role or lack thereof. My junior paper looks at audience diversity in Broadway shows and how that compares to the diversity present at certain Broadway lotteries. This past summer, I had the immense privilege to perform with the Lab Company at the Hangar Theater in Ithaca, New York, where I performed in a number of different productions as well as took master classes with wonderful artists. In August, I then got the chance to conduct senior thesis research at the Public Theater in New York City!

I wanted to be a peer arts mentor because I think that it is so nice to have someone who wants to talk to you about your experiences, and that is why I am here. I want to be the listening ear to another person who is interested in the arts and hopefully provide some insight on my own experiences here at Princeton. At Princeton, I have been involved in a lot of theater, but I have struggled to find theater that tells my story as a biracial student that does not come from the most privileged background. One of the reasons that I feel so passionately about being a peer arts mentor is because I don't want anyone to feel like their personal story is not worth being heard or explored. In my upcoming senior year, I have the incredible opportunity to explore the dynamics of a beloved musical theater character as a biracial girl instead of a white teenager. That is something that I am looking forward to and I think that it is so necessary for students to know that these opportunities are always available to you. I am a listening ear, a confidant, a friend whenever you need one and I look forward to all of the conversations that I will hopefully have with you. Please please please never hesitate to reach out.

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