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Joseph Schloss is an interdisciplinary scholar who studies the way people use art — especially music and dance — to develop new perspectives on social, cultural and political issues. He is primarily interested in hip-hop culture as part of a larger complex of expressive traditions of the African Diaspora.

A past recipient of the Society for Ethnomusicology’s Charles Seeger Prize, he is the author of Foundation: B-Boys, B-Girls and Hip-Hop Culture in New York (Oxford University Press: 2009), and Making Beats: The Art of Sample-Based Hip-Hop (Wesleyan University Press: 2004/2014), which won the International Association for the Study of Popular Music Book Prize in 2005. He is also the co-author of Rock: Music, Culture and Business (Oxford University Press: 2012), with Christopher Waterman and Larry Starr. He has previously taught at the University of Virginia, Tufts University, and New York University. He lives in Brooklyn.

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