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I'm from East Brunswick, New Jersey, and I'm a senior in the English Department, pursuing certificates in Theater and Music Theater. I write musical theatre, plays, and fiction, and I'm also active in the movement for diversity in the arts at Princeton. I'm working on an original play for my senior thesis in English, and I'll be performing in Lloyd Suh's Charles Francis Chan Jr's Exotic Oriental Murder Mystery in February 2017.

I came into Princeton as a science major with no experience in theater other than a short stint in the drama club in fourth grade, but took a class first semester sophomore year and just kept taking more! It was a difficult decision to change my track of studies and convince my parents that this was the right choice; sometimes it feels like there's not a lot of support from the Asian-American community for students like me who want to pursue the arts, and on top of their discouragement, entering an artistic community as a complete beginner was absolutely intimidating. I hope to be a resource to students who are interested in the arts but feel hesitant for any reasons (whether it be parents, lack of experience, intimidation of entering as a beginner)- I'm here to answer your questions, address your concerns, or just chat!

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