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Christina Lazaridi’s screenwriting career began with her nomination for an Academy Award, for One Day Crossing, a WWII family drama. Since then she has worked as a screenwriter and story consultant within the West Coast studio system (New Line and Bruckheimer Productions among others) as well as the New York indie scene and multiple International Productions.

Christina Lazaridi joined Princeton’s Faculty at the Lewis Center and the Creative Writing Program at 2008 and at present is a full-time lecturer in screenwriting. Lazaridi also works internationally as a story analyst and screenwriting consultant, with a deep research interest in the neuroscience of storytelling and audience response.   Together with her Princeton-based research partner, neuroscientist Uri Hasson, she has been the recipient of the esteemed Magic Grant from the Humanities Council for their breakthrough research project of memory, storytelling and the brain. Christina has written three books on screenwriting methodology, Stories That Change: A Diagnostic Manual for Troubleshooting Your Screenplay and Stories That Change: Studies of Screenplays in Motion Part I &II, commissioned and published by the Mediterranean Film Institute in conjunction with European Union’s Media Development Program.

Starting in 2006, Christina has also taught extensively at Columbia University’s Graduate Film division, and since 2008 she is a screenwriting mentor at the Mediterranean Film Institute, one of Europe’s top script development programs. Christina is the Academic Director and a founding member of Cine Qua Non Labs in Mexico a international screenwriters’ thin-tank retreat where she has workshopped numerous award-winning projects including the globally acclaimed Mexican film La Jaula de Oro, (Diego Quemada-Diez, Cannes 2013), and Hilda (Andres Clariond-Rangel Ariels 2016), Maryam Keshavarz’ new script The Last Harem, which won the Hearst Screenwriters Grant and the San Francisco Film Society/ KRF Screenwriting Award, and La Casa Mas Grande del Mundo (Lucia Carreras and Ana Bojorquez, Berlin 2015.) Christina has mentored hundreds of writers throughout South America, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe,  as well as at NYU, Emerson College, UCLA, SUNY, and CUNY. She has also worked as a script editor for several international film development funds. She has been a judge for “The Balkan Fund” and the “Student Academy Awards,” among others, and has run the Immersion Screenwriters Lab for the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival. Films she has helped develop have won awards at Cannes, Berlin, and the Ariels (Mexican Oscars), among others.

In addition to her feature film work, Lazaridi wrote and produced Assignment: Rescue, a half-hour documentary for Richard Kaplan Productions, narrated by Meryl Streep. She also researched, wrote and co-produced the historical feature documentary Varian and Putzi: A 20th Century Tale. The film was directed by Academy Award® winner Richard Kaplan and was released theatrically at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.

Lazaridi’s screenplays have won a variety of European Media Development awards, a Student Academy Award, a Euroscript Development Award and a Chris Kazan Memorial Award.  Her feature screenplay, Coming Up Roses, was directed by Lisa Albright and starred Bernadette Peters and Peter Friedman. It was released theatrically by AMC Theaters and was distributed by Indican Pictures in 2014. Her adaptation Rosa of Smyrna (a Greek-Turkish co-production) was a box office sensation in Greece in 2017. Lazaridi is the co-writer of Julia Solomonoff’s next feature film, Nobody’s Watching, that was picked up for distribution by the prominent Latin American label, FIGA films, in 2017. Lazaridi and her directing partner Antoneta Kusijanovic participated in the 2017 Berlinale with their film Into the Blue that was awarded a Special Mention by the International Jury. They are currently developing their next feature film, Murina, an international co-production.

Christina Lazaridi holds a B.A in Comparative Literature and Creative Writing (Honors) from Princeton University and an MFA in Screenwriting (Honors) from Columbia University.


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