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Stanley Mathabane is a senior in the Psychology department, receiving certificates in Theater and French Language & Culture. He is involved in Theater as both an Actor and Sound Designer, having recently combined his passion for music with his interest in Theater.

When he first arrived on campus, Stanley was sure that he would continue to study Jazz, having played saxophone and been a Jazz Vocalist for 7 years, leading up to his Freshman year. However, once he arrived on campus he realized that he wanted to explore new artistic avenues and began involving himself more with Theater. Following this shift of lanes, Stanley acted in many performances with various Theater groups on campus--PUP, The Triangle Club, Grind Arts and various Senior Thesis projects.

In the past year he has begun an exciting venture into the world of Sound Design. Having produced many electronic music compositions on his own before receiving any sort of formal teaching, he approached the new field with a vague familiarity. He is very passionate about cross-medium communication and the potential for multi-media incorporation in performance of any kind.

Stanley firmly believes that Art is the mirror with which we can honestly see ourselves and understand the complexity of existing in this wonderfully transient and ever changing world

Class of '17

Program in Theater

Residential College


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