Francis LeMoyne Page Dance Award

This award was established in 1972 by the trustees of the LeMoyne Page Foundation in memory of Francis LeMoyne Page, Class of 1922. Awarded annually to one or more members of the junior or senior class to honor distinctive achievement in dance. This award is by faculty nomination only. This award was given through the 2012-2013 academic year.


Past Winners

2015 Recipients:

Emily N. Hogan ’15

2013 Recipients:

Kathryn H. Dammers ’13
Emily J. Francis ’13

2012 Recipients:

Chloe A. Markewich ’12
Ariel R. Trilling ’12
Randi L. Vogt ’12

2011 Recipients:

Kadeem L. Gill ’11
Bridget K. Wright ’11

2010 Recipients:

Pilar I. Castro Kiltz ’10
Ben P. Oliver ’10
Laura F. Robertson ’10
Claire-Marine M. Sarner ’10
Sydney R. Schiff ’10
Katerina G.Wong ’10

2009 Recipients:

Stephanie Chen ’09
Amy E. LaViers ’09

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