Samuel Shellabarger Memorial Prize in Creative Writing

This fund is awarded annually to a senior who, in fulfillment of the senior thesis requirement, shows great promise of future literary excellence.

This award is by faculty nomination only.

Current Winner

Ben I. Goldman ’15

Past Winners

2014 Recipient:

Matthew A. Brailas ’14

2013 Recipient:

Lillian Li ’13

2012 Recipient:

Spencer K. Gaffney ’12

2011 Recipient:

Chloe D. Hall ’11

2010 Recipient:

Anna C. Sheaffer ’10

2009 Recipient:

Chenxin Jiang ’09

2008 Recipient:

Kyle P. Booten ’08

2007 Recipients:

Claire Hoppenot ’07
Kassandra Aurora Jackson ’07
Michael Adams Jorgensen  ’07
Nicholas Rodgers Lilly ’07
Maylén Rafuls ’07
Alexis Jill Schaitkin ’07
Danielle Marie Spratley ’07
Joshua Drew Montgomery Williams ’07

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