Venues and Studios

Take a virtual tour across Princeton’s campus to see the facilities that make up the Lewis Center for the Arts.

The Lewis Center for the Arts is housed in several buildings across the Princeton University campus, including 185 Nassau Street (home of the Program in Visual Arts), New South (home of the Program in Creative Writing), and the Lewis Arts complex (home of the Programs in Dance, Theater, Music Theater and the Princeton Atelier). In addition, arts programming takes place in a number of other locations, including the Berlind Theatre at McCarter Theatre Center.

Requesting Space

Space in the Lewis Arts complex and 185 Nassau Street, both academic buildings, is limited and generally in use throughout the academic year for classes, Lewis Center events, rehearsals, workshops, certificate student and visiting artist productions, etc.

While it is unlikely space can be provided, University faculty, students and staff who wish to make a formal request for a space may do so through the EMS system.

Those outside the University community who wish to seek the use of any University facilities should submit a request through Conference and Event Services.

Other Venues

Other spaces and venues where you may find Lewis Center programming include: