Lewis Arts complex

Donald G. Drapkin Studio

In the Donald G. Drapkin Theater Studio, there is a permanent raised stage at the east end of the studio. The studio seats 78 using loose seating. There are two entrances to the studio, one to serve each level of the interior space. From the raised stage, stairs or a gently sloping ramp along the upstage wall provide access to the lower level. One wall of the studio consists entirely of windows, providing ample natural light. Curtains can be drawn to control the lighting. There is a fixed pipe grid above the stage and a system of pipe hangers over the main studio floor for temporary overhead rigging of theatrical equipment, as well as a full rep plot for theatrical lighting throughout the space. A Boston Upright Piano is also available for use in the room.

A 360 degree look inside the Drapkin Studio

Where is the Drapkin Studio?

Map of the level 2 of the Lewis Center for the Arts

Level 2 map (click to enlarge)

The Drapkin Theater Studio is located on the second floor of the Wallace Dance Building. From the Forum, take the Wallace elevator or “dancing” staircase to the second floor. Pass around the lounge area and take the hallway to the right. The first studio entrance, a set of double doors, provides access to the lower level of the Drapkin Studio. To enter the studio on the upper level, continue past the double doors, turn right down the hallway, travel up the hall on a slight incline, and the single entry door is on the right. From the Arts Tower, take the elevator or stairs to level 2. Cross the lounge area and the upper level entrance to the Drapkin is on your left at the top of the gently sloping hallway, and the lower entrance is at the bottom of the hallway and immediately around the corner on the left.


There is a permanent raised stage at the east end of the studio, accessible by stairs and by a ramp along the curved upstage wall. ADA positions are available at floor and stage levels in all configurations.