Lewis Arts complex

Godfrey Kerr Theater Studio

The Godfrey Kerr Theater Studio includes a performance area the same size and configuration as the stage in the Berlind Theatre at McCarter Theater Center to serve as rehearsal space for shows that will be presented on the Berlind stage. The asymmetrical space has a curved wall on one side and a tiered ceiling and is used for large classes and workshops. The studio features a system of pipe hangers and strong points for temporary overhead rigging of theatrical equipment. There is a Boston Upright Piano and a fixed sound plot for audio and video playback, but no permanent theatrical lighting system or infrastructure in this studio.

A 360 degree look inside the Godfrey-Kerr Theater Studio

Where is the Godfrey Kerr Theater Studio?

Map of the level 2 of the Lewis Center for the Arts

Level 2 map (click to enlarge)

Godfrey Kerr Theater Studio is located on the second floor of the Wallace Dance Building. From the Forum, take the Wallace elevator or “dancing” staircase to the second floor. Exit the elevator or stairs, pass the lounge area with carpeting, couches and tables, and take the hallway to the right. Make a right at the end of the hallway and the door to Godfrey-Kerr Studio is on the left. To enter via a second entry door, continue right down the hallway until you reach the studio door on the left.

From the Arts Tower, take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. Follow the long, gently sloping ramp down the hallway past Drapkin Studio on the left. One entry door for Godfrey Kerr studio is on the right, and a second entry door is further down the hallway on the right.


There are two good choices to access the Godfrey Kerr Studio. Use the Forum level entrance on Theater Drive across from the train station where the entrance is ramp accessible. Take the Wallace Elevator in the Forum up to level 2, exit the elevator and travel up a gently sloping ramp on your right. The Godfrey Kerr Studio entrance is directly in front of you at the end of the hallway.

A second entry choice would be to enter the building from the Arts Plaza level entrance by the Roth Box Office and take the Arts Tower elevator up 1 floor to the second level. Exit the elevator to your left and travel down a gently sloping ramp to the open landing. Pass through the lounge space near Ellie’s Studio, travel down a gently sloping ramp and there are 2 different entry doors to the Godfrey Kerr Studio, both located on your right.

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