Lewis Arts complex

Hurley Gallery

On the mezzanine level of the Arts Tower is the Hurley Gallery, which is programmed by the Visual Arts faculty and students with a changing series of exhibitions. The gallery is used occasionally as a performance space. For ease of hanging artwork, the gallery walls consist of plywood underneath sheetrock, and the flooring is made of end-cut dark hardwood.

A 360 degree look inside the Hurley Gallery

Where is the Hurley Gallery?

Map of the Plaza level of the Lewis Center for the Arts

Mezzanine & Level 1 map (click to enlarge)

When entering the Arts Tower from the exterior Plaza level by the Roth Box Office, take the staircase in front of you down one level to the mezzanine, and the gallery entrance is located on the right. From any point in the Effron Music Building or Wallace Dance Building, travel via elevator or stairs down to the Forum. Once in the Forum, take the staircase at the rear of the Forum — near the Information Desk — up one flight of stairs to the mezzanine level. The gallery entrance is located to the left.

To reach the Gallery via elevator take the Arts Tower elevator up from Forum or down from Plaza level to the Mezzanine (M) level. A secondary entrance to the gallery is through a set of double-doors to your right and then a set of double doors to your left.

Photo Gallery: Inside the Hurley Gallery


The best way to access the Hurley Gallery is from the Arts Plaza level entrance by the Roth Box Office where the entrance is at ground level. Once in the building, take the Arts Tower elevator down to the Mezzanine (M) level. Enter the gallery through a set of double-doors to your right and then a set of double doors to your left.

Exhibitions in the Hurley Gallery may sometimes include three-dimensional works on the floor of the gallery, however effort is made to assure full access around and through the exhibition and to provide markers of work that may extend out from the walls.

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