Lewis Arts complex

PLOrk Studio

The Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk) takes the traditional model of the orchestra and reinvents it for the 21st century. Performers use laptops and custom-designed hemispherical speakers that emulate the way traditional orchestral instruments cast their sound in space. The PLOrk Studio is located on the Foum level between the CoLab and the Effron Music Building staircase/elevator.

Where is the PLOrk Studio?

Map of the Forum level of the Lewis Center for the Arts

Street Level map (click to enlarge)

When entering the arts complex from the exterior doors near NJ Transit Princeton Station and Wawa, descend the stairs or take a gently sloping ramp down into the Forum. Stay to the right side of the Forum, pass the Lee Music Room on the right, navigate through a large open space with some scattered tables and chairs, and the PLOrk studio entrance is located straight ahead, to the right of the CoLab entrance. When entering the Forum from the Wallace Dance Building elevator or main staircase, enter the Forum and see the CoLab is located straight ahead, beyond the Information Desk and several seating areas with chairs and tables. Pass the CoLab and the entrance to the PLOrk studio is on the left. When entering the Forum from the Arts Tower elevator, pass the CoLab on the left, turn towards the Effron staircase, and the PLOrk studio entrance is on the left. When entering the Forum from the Effron Music Building elevator or staircase,  the PLOrk studio entrance is to the right.


The best way to access the PLOrk Studio is from the Forum level entrance on Theater Drive across from the train station where the entrance is ramp accessible. The space is also elevator accessible from the plaza at either the Arts Tower entrance or Effron Music Building entrance across from the Roth Box Office.

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