Lewis Arts complex

Vasen Design Studio

The Vasen Design Studio offers computer workstations, a projector, speakers, and large work surfaces for building scenic models, costumes, and other theatrical design elements.

A 360 degree look inside the Vasen Design Studio

Where is the Vasen Design Studio?

Map of the Plaza level of the Lewis Center for the Arts

Mezzanine & Level 1 map (click to enlarge)

The Vasen Design Studio is located on the Plaza level of the Wallace Dance Building at the arts complex. When entering the building from the exterior doors by the reflecting pool, go straight ahead past the staircase on the left, pass the elevator on the right, and continue to the end of the hall until you reach the studio door, which is on the right. If coming from the Forum, take the “dancing” staircase or Wallace elevator up one floor to the plaza level. If coming from the second or third floor of the Wallace Building, take the elevator or stairs down to the plaza level. Then continue to the end of the hallway to reach the studio door on the right.


The best way to access the Vasen Design Studio is to enter the building on the Arts Plaza level at the exterior doors by the reflecting pool where the entrance is level. An alternate choice would be to enter from the Forum level exterior building entrance on Theater Drive across from the train station where the entrance is ramp accessible, then take the Wallace elevator up 1 floor to the Plaza level.

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