Info for Guest Artists

The Princeton Atelier brings professional artists to Princeton University for intensive collaborative work with a professional colleague and with Princeton students. Atelier guest artists select a project they want to experiment with and explore in the company of students before developing it for the professional art world. All Ateliers require some sort of exhibition/performance with students—often a works-in-progress exhibition/performance—which may or may not be the culmination of the guest artist’s work during the semester.

Program Goals

  1. To have artists working for a limited time on a project that entails collaboration with peers and students as they work in genres broader, more experimental or completely other than their own.
  2. To provide a non-commercial environment within an academic setting that encourages artistic experimentation and provokes novel ways of seeing, rendering and articulating.
  3. To provide student/faculty participation in “real work” projects that benefit artists and the campus population.
  4. To stimulate critical discussion of the creative process and its product (i.e., exhibition, performance, text, etc.) in order to deepen and sharpen knowledge of the artistic endeavor.



For more information about the Princeton Atelier, please call Marion Young at 609-258-4709 or email