Caroline Hearst Choreographers-in-Residence

The Caroline Hearst Choreographers-in-Residence program, supported by a gift of Margaret C. and William R. Hearst, III, is designed to foster the Program in Dance’s connections with the dance field. It provides selected professional choreographers with resources and a rich environment to develop their work and offers opportunities for students, faculty and staff to engage with diverse creative practices.

These artists share their work and processes with the Princeton community through workshops, residencies, open rehearsals, and performances. The program is designed to be flexible enough to create meaningful interaction between artists and students, allowing artists to develop engagement activities to suit the interests of the students, and allowing students to create projects that involve the selected artists. In some cases, choreographers will guest-teach in classes and invite their professional dancers to join the classes to dance side by side with students. Other engagement activities might include students apprenticing as choreographic assistants; dinners and conversations between the choreographers and students; and advising student projects.

Hearst Choreographers-in-Residence are chosen yearly through a nomination process and include choreographers at various stages of their careers exploring a wide range of aesthetics, including those who may not otherwise fit easily into the Dance Program’s curriculum.

“By bringing our students into direct conversation with today’s ground breaking choreographers, we hope to create rare opportunities for learning that equally benefit the Hearst artists and the Princeton dance community.”
— Susan Marshall, Director of the Program in Dance


Caroline Hearst Choreographers-in-Residence Named in 2017-18

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Ralph Lemon
Karen Sherman
Abigail Zbikowski

Caroline Hearst Choreographers-in-Residence Named in 2018-19

Souleymane Badolo
Shannon Gillen
Jessica Lang
Jennifer Nugent and Paul Matteson
Olivier Tarpaga
Raphael Xavier

Caroline Hearst Choreographers-in-Residence Named in 2019-20

Brian Brooks
Annie-B Parson
Jumatatu Poe
Urban Bush Women

Caroline Hearst Choreographers-in-Residence Named in 2020-21

Miguel Gutierrez



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Please note: the Choreographer-in-Residence is chosen yearly through an internal nomination process convened by Princeton University Program in Dance faculty. Applications and external nominations will not be accepted.

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