Performance Opportunities for Students

Performance Lab

Are you making work based in dance, writing, theater, music, visual art, new and/or expanded fields?

In non-pandemic years we have Performance Lab, this year: Creative Practice Lab! Creative Practice Lab is an opportunity for students of all years to spend dedicated time making and thinking about creative work from an interdisciplinary perspective. Meet with a group of students across fields who are interested in exploring the creative potentials of this unusual time. Hosted by a dance faculty member, meetings will be flexible and determined by the creative needs of the group. We’ll provide prompts for one another, share work and give feedback, brainstorm about the challenges and possibilities of making creative work right now, and develop consistent personal creative practices. Guest artists from different fields will occasionally join our meetings. Students will have the option to host a small, informal virtual public showing at the end of the term or they can use this time to focus on process instead.

Email Aynsley Vandenbroucke at to express interest or ask questions.


The group will meet weekly on Wednesdays from 7:30-9:20 p.m. (EST) via Zoom, starting February 24, 2021. For Princeton students only.

Visit the Virtual Events Page and log-in with Princeton net ID in order to get Zoom link to join each week.


PHOTOS from Performance Lab


If you have any questions about Performance Lab, please contact Aynsley Vandenbroucke.