Student Auditions


The Programs in Theater and Music Theater welcome students who have never performed, or haven’t performed since the first grade. The theater and music theater programs are emphatically committed to inclusive casting. We also welcome students as participants in all non-performing roles including musicians, researchers, writers, designers, illustrators, Zoom managers, film editors, choreographers, web designers, musicians, and so on.

*Students interested in non-performing roles can also apply/audition in order to share their interests with the creative team.

For audition questions, please contact Jane Cox,



The theater and music theater programs invite students to participate in the 20-21 theater season as performers. This year, we plan to find a pool of interested performers by asking you, the student, to fill out the audition form and to upload a video of yourself of no more than 3 minutes. In this video, you should do anything you like (sing a song, fry an egg, juggle, read a poem – truly whatever you like). Absolutely no experience required. If you are interested in participating in performance as soon as possible, we would ask you to submit the form and the accompanying video by midnight on Wednesday, September 2, 2020. We will continue accepting materials from student performers throughout the fall, and these materials will be made available to our faculty directors, visiting artists and senior year student certificate student directors ONLY. If a particular director is interested in working with you, they will reach out to you personally with information about their project (and a script, if available) to arrange a conversation or ask for another submission of some kind tailored to the project in question. All materials will be deleted by the end of the fall 2020 semester.

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All students are invited to participate in theater offstage as well! Students interested in stage management and run crew or design opportunities should contact Jane Cox at