2021-22 Season

The Programs in Theater and Music Theater present an exciting and diverse season of productions!  Full details on all 2021-22 productions will be available soon.

Fall Projects


Lights Up Festival

Project Proposer, Producer: Sally Root
Wallace Theater and via Zoom
October 7-9, 2021
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The Lights Up Festival is a celebration of theatrical arts and an opportunity to learn how to re-enter the theater space safely in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Princeton Sound Kitchen (PSK) Workshops

Collaboration with the Music Department on two graduate composer’s operas
Wallace Theater
Fall break week


Fall Musicals: Early Decision + Late Bloomer

Professional director: Elena Araoz
Berlind Theater
November 5-6, 11-13, 2021
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Early Decision by Adam Gwon

Early Decision follows Owen, an Asian American high school senior, and his friends who are caught up in the stress of college applications. When celebrating his acceptance into Princeton, what seems like a small mistake has huge impacts on his immigrant family.

Late Bloomer by Jaime Lozano + Georgie Castilla

Late Bloomer follows two Latino sibling Princeton students. When their father’s health declines, Javi and Pilar must navigate between their father’s expectations of success and their individual desires for their futures.


Proof by David Auburn

Project Proposer, Performer: Juliana Pulsinelli
Professional director: Vivia Font
Drapkin Studio
November 5-7, 2021
Tickets + Details for Proof

In the backyard of her father’s house, 25-year-old Catherine has been caring for her father who was a brilliant and mentally ill mathematician. Now that he has passed, his former student, Hal, and her sister, Claire, have come to collect Catherine and the remains of her father’s legacy. Has he left anything brilliant? Has his illness/genius passed down to her? More details & tickets for Proof


Pilot Project

Project Proposer: Riley Bona
Filmed project created over the summer
Screening in November 2021


Somebody: Infinite Identities Troubled Wholeness and the Search for Self

Project Proposer, Creator: Jamie Goodwin
Wallace Theater
Week beginning November 15, 2021

Somebody at its core is a deep exploration of humanity. In memory of For Colored Girls, it invites us to come head to head with the terror of existing in a body under attack and the quest for wholeness. In an attempt to answer the infamous question, who am I, join senior Jamie Goodwin and the ensemble of voices, people, and oppressive ideas that she learns to talk to, fight with, acquiesce to, and sometimes is even interrupted or replaced by in her journey to adulthood and search for self.


Tea by Velina Hasu Houston

Project Proposer, Performer: Megan Pan
Professional Director: Sonoko Kawahara
Wallace Theater
Week beginning November 29, 2021

Tea is a play centering the story of Japanese war brides, women who had married American soldiers and relocated to the United States after World War II. Following the death of one of their own, four women come together to clean the house of the fifth as they reflect upon how her tragic suicide has upset the balance of life in their small Japanese immigrant community in the middle of the Kansas heartland. The spirit of the dead woman returns as a ghostly ringmaster to force the women to come to terms with the disquieting tension of their lives and find common ground so that she can escape from the limbo between life and death, and move on to the next world in peace—and indeed carve a pathway for their future passage.

Forty years after the play was first written, the themes of Tea have gained a newfound relevance in the recent upsurge of violence against Asians and Asian Americans—especially women—as their belongingness and even personhood are once more called into question. This production aims to explore the oft-unknown stories of the Japanese war brides from nearly seven decades ago through the lens of contemporary society, in the hopes of both honoring the legacy of our collective history as well as closely examining its resonances in our modern-day world.


Spring Projects


Collective Circus Project

Project Proposer, Creator: Ruth Schultz
Wallace Theater
Week beginning January 24, 2022

Exploring joy, storytelling, and physicality, the 6-8 participants in this project will create and perform a contemporary circus show together. Under the broad definition that circus is “the performance of unusual relations between bodies and their material environments,” no physical or theater background is required of cast members. Cast members, led by senior Ruth Schultz, will explore how they can tell stories through this lens, and will also learn common circus disciplines. This is a community-minded project seeking collaborators ready to engage in an anti-oppressive and collective process. Two participants will be young performers from the Trenton Circus Squad, a local social circus organization.


Fuente Ovejuna by Lope de Vega

Project Proposer, translator/adaptor, performer: Juan Jose Lopez Haddad
Professional Director: Estefania Fadul
Berlind Theater
Week beginning February 14, 2022


New Works Festival Produced by Shariffa Ali:

New Work by Silma Berrada
Co-Lab and Forum
Weeks beginning February 7 (exact schedule TBA)

Clara Schumann Musical proposed by Leila Abou-Jaoude and directed by Anna Allport
Shalom Bayit proposed by Aleeza Schoenberg
Lia proposed by Meigan Clark (writer) and Ines Aitsahalia (director)
Wallace Theater
Weeks beginning February 7 through Feb 21, 2022 (exact schedule for each project TBA)

Project Proposers with original works in process by Lexi Buzzini, Lydia Gompper, Cindy Han
Drapkin Studio
Weeks beginning February 7 through Feb 21, 2022 (exact schedule TBA)

New work by Luke Aschenbrand, Chris Leahy

Choral Project by Ed Horan

9-5 The Musical by Dolly Parton and Patricia Resnick

Project Proposers, director, performers: Kate Semmens, Molly Bremer, Violet Gautreau
Berlind Theater
Week beginning March 14, 2022


Untitled Horse Show by Will Davis

Princeton Arts Fellow New work created by Princeton Arts Fellow Will Davis
Wallace Theater
Week beginning March 28, 2022


Mary Stuart by Friedrich Schiller

Project Proposers: BT Hayes (adaptor/translator) and Regan McCall
Wallace Theater
Week beginning April 25, 2022


End of Year Cabaret

Project Proposer: Chloe Horner
Drapkin Studio
Week beginning April 25, 2022



Details Coming Soon

Dates, times and venues will be published soon to our events calendar. Inquiries may be directed to