Student Participation in Theater Making

The Programs in Theater and Music Theater welcome students who have never been involved in theater, or haven’t been involved since first grade. We also welcome students as participants in all performing and non-performing roles including musicians, researchers, writers, designers, sound engineers, choreographers, directors and so on. The theater and music theater programs are emphatically committed to inclusive casting.

Try On Theater Days

Try On Theater Days offer a welcoming introduction to theater making in the Princeton theater and music theater programs at the Lewis Center for the Arts. On three evenings, three times a year, our programs hold informal community evenings to encourage student participation in our student-driven season in any capacity. This new process replaces traditional auditions with group workshops, and serves as an opportunity for students to find out about and get involved in non-performance capacities as well (such as stage management, design, sound engineering, backstage and so on).

Monday Try On Theater Day is designed to introduce students to our programs and season projects in the most informal and comfortable way possible, with snacks, conversations and theater games for those who wish; Tuesday and Wednesday Try On Theater Days involve breaking into smaller groups for workshops in movement, music or acting, and for conversations about non-performance opportunities (students can opt out of any aspect). A complete beginner performer, mover, musician or theater maker will be able to participate fully and comfortably in all activities. Students are welcome to come to one Try On Theater day or all nine. If you are interested in being cast in a program show as a performer, you should plan to attend on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening (you are encouraged to attend on Monday as well to get to know us).

If you are unable to attend Tuesday or Wednesday of our Try On Theater evenings, but you would like to be considered for a performing role, please 1) supply a 1-minute creative introduction to yourself in the form of a video to our casting coordinator Nico Krell at, and 2) complete this questionnaire. Both tasks must be completed by Wednesday, September 22nd at 7 p.m. You may add to your video an additional 1-minute explanation or demonstration of your interest and experience in performing, and, if you would like to be considered for a musical role, a sample of you singing something you love — a cappella is fine. You can also demonstrate musical instrument proficiency or fluency in other languages, as we produce bilingual projects.

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2021-22 Schedule for Try On Theater Days

September 20, 21 + 22 from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

For projects that perform towards the end of the first semester. Try On Theater Days will take place Monday-Wednesday. Get full details for Try on Theater Days in September

September 22 from 6-6:30 p.m.

Theater and Music Theater Meet-up for anyone new to our programs — immediately before the Wednesday, September 22nd Try on Theater Day in Wallace Theater. Join us to meet faculty and peers and ask any questions about classes, the certificate programs, productions and possibilities.

January 24, 25 + 26, 2022

For projects that perform in the later part of the spring semester


For questions about Try On Theater Days, please contact Carmelita Becnel at; Elena Araoz at or Jane Cox at