Try on Theater

Try On Theater Days offer a welcoming introduction to theater making in the Princeton theater and music theater programs at the Lewis Center for the Arts. At scheduled times throughout the year, the programs hold informal community evenings and workshops to encourage student participation in our student-driven season in any capacity. This new process replaces traditional solo auditions with group workshops, and serves as an opportunity for students to find out about and get involved in non-performance capacities as well (such as stage management, design, sound engineering, backstage and so on). Try on Theater Days was recently highlighted in a story in American Theatre, the national magazine for the American professional not-for-profit theater industry.

Try on Theater Days: September 6-8, 2022

students seated in large circle on theater floor

Photo by Jon Sweeney

Join the programs in theater and music theater from September 6-8 in the Drapkin, Kerr, Tilghman and Light Lab Studios located on the second floor of Wallace Dance Building at the Lewis Arts complex. Sign up to participate (link available here soon).

Come learn, play, design, sing and move. Try-on a bit of everything in the theater-making process. No experience needed. Students can sign up and join in for the whole session and should plan to attend the three performance workshops that also serve as casting workshops for our early fall shows. We hope that all students will participate in all three sessions and/or visit the design/production space, since no experience is required for any workshops — and the experiences are intended to be educational and enjoyable, whether or not you hope to participate in a particular project. However, students can opt out of any session. Students who are signed-up for the day and all other students can walk-in to the design and production room at any time.

Casting for Theater/Music Theater Program Shows

If you are interested in performing in the 2022-23 season projects, attend our performance workshops, hear the project leaders discuss their productions, and get to know each other while moving and making theater together. The productions will find their casts through these performance workshops. No preparation is needed and no student will be asked to perform alone. Sign-up required for Casting (link available here soon).

Design/Production Try-On

Try your hand at lighting! This is a hands-on drop-in event and conversation. Feel free to join us for as long or short a time as you have available. No prior sign-up required, however a sign-in at the door will be required.

Try on Theater Days Schedule

Tuesday, September 6

6:30-8 PM — Community Day! Open to all Princeton students, no experience required. Attendance is mandatory for all junior and senior theater + music theater certificate students. Pizza provided.

Wednesday, September 7

6:30-9 PM — More details TBA

Thursday, September 8

6:30-9 PM — More details TBA

Additional TOT Days will be held during the 2022-23 season in October, December, January and May.


For questions about TOT Days, please contact Carmelita Becnel at; Elena Araoz at; Shariffa Ali at