Visual Arts

“That moment of impact in an arts class, when expectations, analyses, and hopes converge in unpredictable ways can be both thrilling and terrifying, so we in VIS aim to travel that journey with the student, helping them work through complexities, leaving space for mishaps, and always encouraging their own resilience and persistence.”

— Martha Friedman

The Program in Visual Arts introduces students to the studio arts in the context of a liberal arts education. Offering courses in painting, drawing, graphic design, photography/digital photography, film/video, and sculpture, the program provides enrolled students extensive contact with an accomplished faculty as well as access to state-of-the-art technical, analog, and digital labs including darkrooms, ceramics facilities, welding and mold-making areas, a letterpress studio, film editing bays, and a renovated theater for 35 mm and 16 mm film projections. The Visual Arts program occupies the entire historical building located at 185 Nassau Street.

Students who are interested in concentrating in Visual Arts can earn their bachelor’s degree in The Practice of Art (PA) with a focus on Visual Art or through the Visual Arts Certificate done in conjunction with another major. Members of either cohort can follow our dedicated film track. Both Practice of Art and Certificate Students enjoy 24/7 access to shared studio loft spaces as juniors and spacious, semi-private studios as seniors. Throughout the year, student work is exhibited in the Lucas Gallery, the Hurley Gallery, the newly renovated Hagan Studio, and the James Stewart Film Theater.

Employing an interdisciplinary and multi-media approach, the Visual Arts program encourages general students to enrich their education with art-making experience (and the attendant questions and meta-perspectives that offers), and for concentrators to weave different art-making modalities and media into their overall practice.

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For more information about the Program in Visual Arts, please contact the Program Associate, Kristy Seymour, at 609-258-2788 or, or consult a directory of program staff.