Visual Arts

Visual Arts Senior Exhibitions

As the culmination of their visual arts education, students who are pursuing a minor in visual arts or majoring in the Practice of Art track offered through the Department of Art & Archaeology are expected to present a senior exhibition or film at the end of their senior year. This page contains an archival list of recent seniors with accompanying links to their work. A full gallery of senior films is also available to browse and watch at any time.

Class of 2021

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Manasseh Alexander
William Carpenter
Ilene E
Kevin Feng
Benji Freeman
Risa Gelles-Watnick
Samantha Grayson
Ze-Xin Koh
Alejandro Roig
Oswald Stocker
Sophie Torres
Adia Weaver
Ayame Whitfield
Alexander Williams
Noa Wollstein
Zhamoyani McMillan

Practice of Art (PA) Students:

Diana Chen (graduated January 2021)
Alexander Deland Jr.
Brooks Eikner
Victor Guan
Rachel Mrkaich
Alex Serna Castillon
Bhavani Srinivas (graduated January 2021)
Luke Timm

Senior Films

Student films produced since 2003 are available to view in a Senior Films gallery.


*Classes through 2024 earned a certificate in visual arts; beginning with the Class of 2025, students earn a minor in visual arts.