Visual Arts

Senior Thesis Exhibitions

As the culmination of their visual arts education, students who are pursuing a certificate or majoring in visual arts are expected to present a senior thesis exhibition or film at the end of their senior year. This page contains an archival list of recent seniors with accompanying links to their work. A full gallery of senior films is also available to browse and watch at any time.

Class of 2021

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Manasseh Alexander
William Carpenter
Ilene E
Kevin Feng
Benji Freeman
Risa Gelles-Watnick
Samantha Grayson
Ze-Xin Koh
Alejandro Roig
Oswald Stocker
Sophie Torres
Adia Weaver
Ayame Whitfield
Alexander Williams
Noa Wollstein
Zhamoyani McMillan

Diana Chen* (graduated January 2021)
Alexander Deland Jr.*
Brooks Eikner*
Victor Guan*
Rachel Mrkaich*
Alex Serna Castillon*
Bhavani Srinivas* (graduated January 2021)
Luke Timm*

Senior Theses in Film

Student films produced since 2003 are available to view in a Senior Thesis Films gallery.