Visual Arts

Senior Thesis

The culmination of their visual arts education, both certificate and major students are expected to present a senior thesis exhibition or film at the end of their senior years. This page contains an archive of recent theses.

Class of 2019

Anna Berghuis*
Kara Bressler
Hudson Cooke
Caroline de Brito Gottlieb
Kyra Gregory*
Pearl Thompson*
Maya von Ziegesar
Susan Liu
Kathryn Northrop*
Isaiah Nieves*
Cody Kohn*
Alice Wang
Yuanyuan Zhao*
Elaine Romano
Jessica Zhou
Rami Farran
David Lopera*
Amanda Morrison
MacLean Collins*

Class of 2017

Aubree Andres
Tiffany Cho*
Dominique Fahmy*
Henri Ford
Alexis Foster*
Anna Kalfaian*
Sydney King*
Adam Locher*
Emily Madrigal*
Nathan Makarewicz
Walid Marfouk
Yankia Ned*
Chanyoung Park*
Charles Park*
Zahava Presser
Crystal Qian
Alex Quettel*
EJ Weiss
Louisa Willis*
Simon Wu

*denotes a major