Advanced Drawing: The Figure

This course is designed to teach students the skills necessary for drawing human figures as volumetric structures in clearly defined, illusionistic space. Exercises will investigate the dynamics of human bodies, light and shadow, tonal drawing, and hatchure. While our focus will be on depicting human figures, our approach will also help students gain mastery of a wide range of pictorial ideas – illusionistic form, space, flatness, opacity, transparency – that lead conceptual clarity and material complexity to all art. Students will also be encouraged to develop ideas and techniques that derive form personal experience and cultural affinities.

Reading/Writing assignments:
Studio work in class, plus readings. Occasional visits to museums and galleries in New York. This is a studio course requiring a final presentation and appraisal of work.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
Not Open to Freshmen. VIS 201 Drawing I, VIS 203 Painting I, VIS 221 Introductory Sculpture, VIS 211 Analog Photo, or Introductory Video.





Monday, 12:30 - 4:20 p.m.


Kurt Kauper