Advanced Screenwriting: Writing for Television

This workshop class will introduce students to the fundamental elements of developing and writing a TV series in the current “golden age of television.” Students will watch television pilots, read pilot episodes and engage in in-depth discussions about story, series engine, season arcs, character, structure, tone and dialogue, which will be applied to their work. Each student will formulate and pitch an original series idea, write and rewrite a detailed treatment of the concept, and complete the first 30 pages of the pilot episode by end of semester. Students will read all drafts of each other’s work and give verbal feedback every week.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

Students must have completed two CWR courses prior to enrollment. Please indicate prior qualifying classes and obtain enrollment permission via a Google doc that will be posted on the CWR Course Enrollment Info page beginning at 12 PM on March 28, 2022. Enrollment permission will be granted in the order requests are received. The department will maintain a waiting list.





Thursdays, 1:30-4:20 PM


Susanna Styron