Ballet as an Evolving Form: Technique and Repertory

A studio course in Contemporary Ballet technique for advanced dancers, with explorations into neoclassical and contemporary choreography through readings, viewings, and the learning of and creation of repertory. Through visits with prominent guest artists, including Sonja Kostich and Stella Abrera, Theresa Ruth Howard, and Phil Chan, students will examine the shifts that “Ballet” is making to stay relevant and meaningful as a “21st” century art form.

Guests to the course for Spring 2021 include:

Prerequisites and Restrictions:

Application by interview/audition only. Please email Prof. Tina Fehlandt,, as soon as possible for an appointment.



Read the May 2020 Dance Dispatches interview with Phil Chan: “Final Bow for Yellowface”

Read about Kaatsbaan Cultural Park — “May Be the Dance Community’s Best-Kept Secret” in Dance Business Weekly, October 2020

Read about Theresa Ruth Howard — “She’s Been a Force for Change in Ballet. The World Is Catching Up.” in New York Times, August 2020



Mondays, Wednesdays + Thursdays
4:30 - 6:20 PM


Tina Fehlandt