Choreography Workshop II

Dance choreography, with a focus on contemporary practices and performance. Classes will workshop compositional tasks that set limitations to spark creativity. Students will work in movement-based laboratories to develop their fluency with a wide range of contemporary choreographic approaches. Students will present their choreography weekly and learn to discuss, critique and evaluate work shown in class, Readings and viewings contextualize the work culturally and historically.

Sample reading list:
Ann Dils, Ann Cooper Albright, Moving History/Dancing Cultures: A Dance History Reader
Julia Foulkes, Modern Bodies
Nancy Reynolds, No Fixed Points
See instructor for complete list

Reading/Writing assignments:
Ongoing choreographic assignments (approx. 2 hours outside class/week); reading and viewing live and videotaped performances. (approx. 2 hours outside classes/week); two mandatory trips to view live performance; several short papers analyzing choreography and discussing dance based on readings and class work. Student choreography will be performed at an end of semester showing.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
To secure your place in the appropriate class, email Prof. Lazier (rlazier@) between April 10-21, 2017, and list previous composition experience at Princeton. This course MUST be taken in conjunction, and in the same semester, with DAN 319B, DAN 320B, DAN 419B or DAN 420B (Dance Performance Workshop courses, additional two 2-hour classes weekly). A mandatory placement class for these Dance Performance Workshop sections will take place on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, at 3:00 p.m., location tbd.




Fridays, 11 am - 12:50 pm


Susan Marshall