Creative Musical Leadership

In this course, students will develop and implement a personal philosophy of music ensemble direction. Students will connect practice-based learning with broader theories of art-making, exploring questions about why, how, and with whom people make music. For those who dream of directing a vocal group, conducting an orchestra, music directing a musical, or even inventing a new ensemble, this process-driven course will create an environment for experimentation, risk-taking, and musical and personal growth. A background playing an instrument, singing, conducting, or composing music is required.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

Application required. Please apply using the form below.

A background playing an instrument, conducting, singing, or composing music is required.

Students who apply by 12 noon on Sunday, November 27, will hear about enrollment on Monday, November 28th. Applications received after noon on November 27th will be considered if space remains available or opens up in the class.

Course Application

Are you currently pursuing or planning to pursue a certificate in theater, music theater, or music?(Required)
Please include any instruments you play, singing you’ve done, if you’re comfortable with written music, if you have experience writing and/or notating your own music, and/or any relevant music leadership positions or experiences.
Please share (via Google Drive or Dropbox folder link) one or more examples of your musical work. (This is optional—not required for admission to the class.) Possibilities include recording(s) of instrumental/vocal performance or conducting; sheet music and/or recording(s) of an arrangement you’ve made; sheet music, lead sheets, and/or recordings of music you’ve written. Please double check any Google Drive links are set for public viewing.
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Fridays, 1:30-4:20 PM


Solon Snider Sway