Creative Non-fiction

Vast differences in power, income and social status divide our society, and these differences are explored deeply in literary non-fiction. In this course students will read masterpieces of non-fiction writing about social inequality and will examine to what extent it is possible for authors to know the struggles of their subjects, and to create empathy for them. Students also will sharpen their own skills at writing non-fiction in both first- and third-person styles: the personal essay, participatory reportage, immersion journalism, reconstructed narrative non-fiction and reflective autobiography.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
If the course fills, you may email Margo Bresnen, Journalism Program Manager, at to be put on a waitlist. Please include a paragraph explaining your interest in the course.


Helen Thorpe

Visiting Ferris Professor of Journalism

Class of 1987



Tuesdays, 1:30-4:20 PM


Helen Thorpe