Dance in Education: Dance/Theater Pedagogy

‘Dance in Education: Dance/Theater Pedagogy Seminar’ explores the connection between engaged dance and elementary school literacy, mathematics and social studies while allowing students the opportunity to be civically engaged and contribute to the community. The course combines teaching dance and movement classes to public school students from underserved communities in both East Harlem in New York City and the Princeton region (remotely, through zoom), while collectively engaging in an in-depth exploration of Dance and Theater in Elementary Education with an emphasis on recent developments in the field.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
Although the Program in Teacher Preparation does not offer a certificate in dance instruction at this time, interested students may consult with program staff regarding available pathways for state licensure. This course cannot be used as a substitute for other Teacher Prep required coursework.

Other Information:
Remote fieldwork will take place weekly at designated out-of-class times, while the seminar portion of the course will allow for reflection on activities and interactions that take place during zoom classes with elementary/middle school students, and for planning and shared curriculum development. Students will create their own 15-class curriculum/syllabus. Students will be introduced to classroom management skills, lesson planning strategies and various evaluation/assessment methods.




Fridays, 10:00 AM - 12:50 PM


Rebecca Stenn