Princeton Dance Festival — Dance Performance Workshop: Repertory I *

Princeton Dance Festival performance course. Technique and repertory course that focuses on developing technical expertise, expressive range, and stylistic clarity. Students will examine concepts such as skeletal support, sequential movement, rhythm, and momentum to emphasize efficiency in motion. Students will learn and perform dances that represent diverse approaches to dance-making either through collaboration with faculty or by learning significant dances from modern and contemporary choreographers. The course encourages rich, subtle, and stylistically accurate renditions of choreography and engages students in collaborative learning.

* In these workshop courses with two components (Choreography/Repertory, A/B), students study technique and learn contemporary repertory or collaborate on the creation of new work with professional choreographers. Students also create their own dances and learn about choreographic practices and history

Prerequisites and Restrictions

DAN 213/219/220 or equivalent. Mandatory placement class on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 at 3pm in the Heart Dance Theater. This course MUST be taken in conjunction, in the same semester, with DAN 319A, DAN 320A, DAN 419A or DAN 420A (Choreography Workshop courses, one additional 2-hour class weekly). Placement in one of these “A” (Choreography Workshop) courses is by interview only. To secure your place in the appropriate “A” section, email Prof. Tina Fehlandt,, between April 5-9, 2021 and list previous composition experience at Princeton.

Other Information

Students earn a combined one unit of course credit for taking both classes (A & B Courses) simultaneously. Students will perform in the Princeton Dance Festival at the Berlind Theatre, November 19, 20, 21, 2021 (mandatory). Preparations require four additional rehearsals, several costume fittings, as well as a final technical and dress rehearsal the week of the performance.




Tuesdays + Thursdays,
4:30 - 6:20 PM


Rebecca Lazier