Documentary Filmmaking II

What does it take to make a great documentary film? How does subject matter influence decisions about camera, lighting, sound and editing? This class will take a deep dive into those questions by screening, discussing and writing short analyses of various films. We will meet with several filmmakers who are currently in production and can describe how they’ve been making those tough decisions. And finally, the class will collectively produce a documentary film. The structure, subject matter, and technical roles (do you love to shoot? do interviews? edit?) will be determined by your various vantage points and areas of interest.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:

VIS 262 or 263, or Purcell Carson’s course, URB 202/HIS 202/HUM 202/VIS 200, or the permission of the instructor if you haven’t taken either of these classes.




Tuesdays, 1:30 - 4:20 PM


Su Friedrich