Exhibition Issues and Methods

This seminar provides senior ART Program 2 and VIS certificate students a context for investigating and discussing contemporary art exhibition practices. Over the course of the semester, students will develop a greater understanding of their art, their influences, and their aesthetic underpinnings by considering them alongside readings, visiting artist lectures, writing assignments, and field trips to current exhibitions. Approaches to exhibition design, publicity, and audience will also be addressed. Assigned readings will challenge received ideas of what art is and what the form and content of an exhibition might entail.

Reading/Writing assignments:
Weekly readings, visiting artist research, and presentation and discussion of initial concepts for each student’s Spring thesis exhibition. Two substantial writing assignments in the form of interviews will be undertaken, one as interviewer and one as interviewee.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
Open only to senior Program 2 students in Art and Archaeology and senior VIS certificate students.

Other information:
Enrolled students are also required to attend 4 – 5 visiting artist lectures on campus over the course of the semester, as well as participate in a day-long field trip to visit exhibitions and/or artists’ studios with the enrolled students in VIS 392 Issues in Contemporary Art.




Wednesday, 7:30 - 10:00 p.m.


Pam Lins