Fantasia! Fantasia!: Dance-Theatre-Media

With Choreographer/Director Raja Feather Kelly and Video Artist Laura Snow students will create a devised dance-theatre production using the approach developed by Kelly’s dance-theatre and media company, feath3r theory. Students will investigate the history of Disney’s Fantasia, as a concept, as a film, as a remnant of pop culture, and crucially, as an agent of propaganda. By the end of the semester students will develop the skills to use current cultural, political, and popular media to create a theatre, dance, and media experience that reframes the film’s eight animated sequences to exist in conversation with our world today.

Prerequisites and Restrictions
This course welcomes students with backgrounds in dance, theater, video-making or projection mapping, but does not exclude those who are interested. All participants will dance, perform text and build a media profile throughout the course.


Video: Raja Feather Kelly | the feath3r theory



C01 — Raja Feather Kelly + Laura Snow

Mondays, 1:30 - 4:20 PM