Drawing Data

Using an array of site-specific, creative research methods, students will explore their local environments (inside and out) searching for data and the patterns, stories, and observations that follow. They will catalog and document their findings into evolving multimedia archives, iterating on various modes of collection and communication. Some of the topics covered include: Personal and Local Data, Documentary & Observational Drawing, Sound & Sensory Visualization, Data Collection, Data-Driven Storytelling, and Archival Research and Design. Written responses and in-class discussion of related readings, films, design, and art, will provide context to these approaches.

Students will practice these techniques and investigate these topics in small creative projects, which will provide a chance to try out new methods of research and approaches to visual communication. In-class exercises and instruction will cover analog and digital tools and technologies as needed.

The course will culminate in the production of a larger creative data visualization project. This larger project will be built on the foundation of one or more of the smaller projects, developed and iterated upon throughout the semester. Together, the class will exhibit their projects, collectively illuminating a set of uniquely local stories and patterns.

Application required. Learn more at odoc.princeton.edu



FRS 174

Tuesdays + Thursdays,
1:30 - 2:50 PM


Tim Szetela