Haptic Lab

The Haptic Lab is a hands-on studio course in which haptic learning takes place in relation to digital technology. The Fall 2024 lab will focus on four technically diverse ideas: precinematic devices, words as objects, human prosthetics, and “found” material. Students will engage in making artworks by hand but also engage in the critical analysis of their transformation into digital space and back again. Course work will be supported by visiting artists and scholars and accompanied by a conference on the work of Marcel Broodthaers who, at one time or another in his life, engaged in all four technical ideas.

Other Information

This course will be accompanied by a rotating docket of visiting artists and scholars.

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Watch on Instagram

Watch students put the final touches on their creations for VIS 425 Haptic Lab @185Nassau, where they are experimenting with ash wood to bring their designs from the digital to physical realm.




Thursdays, 12:30-4:20 PM


Joe Scanlan