Intermediate Photography

This studio course seeks to broaden students’ skills through a wide range of photographic media. There will be an emphasis on the relationship between analog and digital photography and how visual artists negotiate the technological changes of today. A broad range of new tools will be introduced to the class including medium and large format cameras, scanners, Photoshop, color and BW pigment printing, studio lighting and the use of high-end digital backs. The class will consist of independent and collaborative assignments augmented by field trips, readings and discussion of contemporary issues.

Reading/Writing assignments:
Weekly projects are usually suggested from the students’ own work. Active participation in the seminar and the development of a project required. Following through on the project usually results in a portfolio of original photographic prints; 10-15 prints is typical.




Wednesday, 12:30 - 4:20 pm
185 Nassau Street, Room 302


James Welling