Introduction to Contemporary Dance

Designed for students with minimal dance experience who are curious about contemporary dance techniques and choreography. Perfect for students who have taken other intro level dance courses and who want to broaden their dance knowledge and deepen their physical skill and experience. Students will try on various identities within dance — mover, creator, performer, writer, historian — in an attempt to holistically learn about Contemporary Dance. Readings and viewings will inform the creation of choreographic studies and invite students to consider issues debated by today’s dance artists.

Sample reading list:
Anne Bogart, A Director Prepares (“Embarrassment”)
Melinda Buckwalter, An Improviser’s Companion (Spatial Relationships)
Bonnie Su Stein, Butoh: Twenty Years Ago We were Crazy, Dirty, and Mad
Edward Hall, Beyond Culture
Deirdre Sklar, Five Premises for a Culturally Sensitive Approach to Dance
Deborah Galili, Issues of Reconstruction in Israeli Contemporary Dance

Reading/Writing assignments:
Several reflective written assignments (approx. 2 hours outside class/week); reading, viewing live and videotaped performances (approx. 2 hours outside classes/week), several short response papers and a final project.



Mondays & Wednesdays, 2:30 - 4:20 p.m.


Alexandra Beller