Introduction to Ballet

From grand plié to grand jeté, Introduction to Ballet is for students with a curiosity for the study of classical ballet. No prior dance experience necessary and beginners are welcome. In this studio course students will learn the fundamentals of ballet, gaining an understanding of its physicality, artistry, and principles of alignment. Students will examine the historical origins of ballet and its absorption of cultural influences. Live music will be featured in this class and key in exploring the inextricable link between music and dance.

Sample reading list:
Robert Greskovic, Ballet 101, A Complete Guide to Learning and Loving Ballet
Selma Jeanne Cohen, Next Week Swan Lake: Reflections and Dance and Dancing
Roland John Wiley, Tchaikovsky’s Ballets: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty
Roland John Wiley, The Life and Ballets of Lev Ivanov
E.T.A Hoffman, Nutcracker and Mouse King
Terry Teachout, All in the Dances: A Brief Life of George Balanchine

Reading/Writing assignments:
Ongoing creative assignments (approx. 1 hour outside class/week); reading and viewing live and videotaped performances (approx. 3 hours outside classes/week); mandatory trip to view live performance; several short papers analyzing ballet and discussing dance based on readings and class work




Mondays & Wednesdays
12:30 - 2:20 pm


Tina Fehlandt