Introduction to Musical Theater Writing

This workshop will introduce students to the craft of writing words and music for the musical theatre. In addition to weekly and in-class practical assignments in technique and skill-building, the course will explore key moments in musical theatre history and criticism to place students’ work in a larger context. Readings will illuminate how the specific areas of craft addressed have been handled by masters in different areas of musical theatre. Because collaboration is central to the creation of musical theatre, students will work in different teams during the semester. The workshop will culminate with a presentation of works-in-progress.

Prerequisties and Restrictions

This course is by application — apply below. Applicants will be asked to identify as composer, lyricist, bookwriter/playwright, or some combination of the three. Composer applicants should have experience writing and notating music but are not required to have previously written for the theatre.


Final Concert: Introduction to Musical Theater Writing

This video is intended to be viewed by students of the 2021 spring semester of MTD 322 and their families. If you do not have the password, please contact Jane Cox.


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Fridays, 12:30 - 4:20 PM


Randall Eng

Robert Lee