Inventing Performance

This studio course culminates in student-created performances in the Roberts Theater at the end of the term. Students from across fields who are interested in slowing down the art-making process to explore the nature of devising, developing, revising, and performing are invited to join. We’ll delve into the often-intermingled roles of creator, performer, designer, technician, and audience member. We’ll use embodied tools to generate material and hone collaborative processes. We’ll question why and how and in what contexts we make work. We’ll look at forms like the lecture-performance, the happening, concert dance, and one-person shows.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

No prerequisites are required to join this class. We also strongly encourage anyone who has taken at least one course in the Lewis Center for the Arts or the Department of Music to join!

Other Information

Students will be required to participate in the end of term technical rehearsals, dress rehearsal, and performance. Details TBA. This course is designed to give students experiences that will help them with future choreographic or other performance-related theses. Students who don’t intend to make a performance-related thesis are also welcome to join!




Fridays, 1:30-4:20 PM


Aynsley Vandenbroucke