Making Work

Take DAN 226 with Miguel Gutierrez this Spring

In this video, Princeton students in the Lewis Center for the Arts’ Program in Dance explain why they recommend Miguel Gutierrez’s class, “Making Work.”


This course is a laboratory space for intentional community where we focus on the creative process in making movement-based performance and dance. I offer prompts for you to make short performances and then we reverse engineer your process through a series of questions. We are interested in understanding how our work sits inside of the contemporary context. We will critique, absorb and discard inherited notions of dance in the service of creating pieces that come from a vital and necessary place. Reading ranges from artist statements to critical theory and you will watch works on video that reframe ideas of the choreographic.

Prerequisites and Restrictions

This class looks at the idea of “choreography” expansively and is open to anyone who is interested in exploring body/movement-based performance. There are no prerequisites or restrictions to take this class, but you will be asked to engage in physical action. Accommodations can be made.




Mondays, 12:30-4:20 PM


Miguel Gutierrez