Notes on Color

This seminar will explore the idea of color through a wide range of scientific, philosophical and aesthetic theories. While the eyes of normally sighted human beings render color in roughly the same manner, our reactions and ability to “see” color vary. Far from being a fixed entity, color is a deeply personal and psychological component of human perception and art. In addition to readings, presentations, and discussions, students will be required to keep two kinds of color diaries-one using portable watercolors and another using language-to chronicle their color perceptions, as well as write a paper on an artwork they encounter on campus.

Sample reading list:
Ludwig WittgensteinNotes on Color
Johan Wolfgang von GoetheTheory of Colors
Wassily KandinskyConcerning the Spriritual in Art
Rudolph SteinerColour
Julia KristevaBlack Sun
Michael TaussigWhat Color is The Sacred?

Reading/Writing assignments:
Two color diaries, one in watercolor and one in language of weekly perceptions. One paper on the color aspects of an artwork encountered on campus




Thursday, 1:30 - 4:20 pm
185 Nassau Street, Room 219


James Welling