Performing Environmental Stories

The term “social practice” refers to an increasingly popular form of public art that takes a participatory and often lighthearted approach to urgent social and political issues. In this Atelier, we will create an eco-corps that focuses on environmental issues. Students will design interactive projects–for example, tours, games, hoe-downs, dances, podcasts, installations–that encourage the audience to experience, perform, and reimagine environmental problems and solutions.

Sample reading list:
Nato Thompson, ed, Living As Form: Socially Engaged Art from 1991-2011
Nato Thompson, Art & Activism in the Age of Cultural Production
Suzanne Lacy, Mapping the Terrain: Newe Genre Public Art
Lucy Lippard, ed, Weather Report: Art and Climate Change
Sarah Kanouse, A Post-Natural Field Kit: Tools for the Embodied Exploration
Francesco Manacorda & Ariella Yedgar, Radical Nature: Art & Architecture for a Changing Planet
See instructor for complete list

Reading/Writing assignments:
Students will delve into the history and theory of social practice. Next, students will do exercises and workshops–with the two faculty and with visiting artists–to prepare them to design an identity for the eco-corps and to create participatory “environmental art actions” for the spring Jamboree. The final Jamboree projects will engage environmental issues at Princeton and beyond.

Other information:
Jenny Price is a public writer and artist and the 2014 Barron Visiting Professor of the Environment and the Humanities at Princeton University. Kelly Baum is the Haskell Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Princeton University Art Museum.

Application required.


Kelly Baum

Curator of Postwar and Contemporary Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Prerequisites / Restrictions

This Atelier is open to all students from all disciplines with interests in environmental issues, performance art, public communication, collaborative work and/or media strategies. Students interested in social activism central to art works that cross into public spheres are encouraged to apply.



Tuesdays, 1:30 - 4:20 pm
Location TBA


Jenny Price

Kelly Baum