Reimagining a Masterpiece: Mozart’s Symphony #40

Theatrical designer/stage director Michael Counts and conductor/composer Jayce Ogren will explore the innermost workings of Mozart’s Symphony #40. Class sessions will focus on creating an immersive experience inspired by the structure and content of Mozart’s masterpiece, utilizing visual art, lighting, scenic and installation design as well as movement and musical performance. The class will culminate with a public performance/showing of the work.

Reading/Writing assignments:
Listening assignments include Mozart’s Symphony #40 in G minor, excerpts from his operas Don Giovanni and Le Nozze di Figaro, and applicable examples from the pop and contemporary classical genres. We’ll watch video of theatrical productions such as Robert Wilson’s Deafman Glance, and read excerpts from books such as Anton Ehrenzweig’s The Hidden Order of Art, Nikolaus Harnoncourt’s The Musical Dialogue and Richard Kostelanetz’s Conversing with Cage.

Class/Precept Participation – 20%
Other (See Instructor) – 80%

Other Requirements:
United States Travel Required

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
We welcome students from a broad range of backgrounds, interests and talents. An open mind, willingness to collaborate, and love for the creative process are the most desirable traits of students interested in this course. Though expertise in a particular field is unnecessary, we’re especially interested in individuals with experience in visual art, lighting, scenic and installation design, theater, dance, music composition and music performance. Additional rehearsal time outside of class will be necessary in the week before the final performance.


Please e-mail Michael Counts and Jayce Ogren if you’re interested in enrolling in this course. Note that we’ll be taking a class field trip to the Brooklyn Academy of Music in October to see Michael Counts’ collaboration with Bang on a Can, celebrating their 30th anniversary.



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Wednesdays, 1:30 - 4:20 pm